What are the web development company trends to follow in 2020?

web development company trends to follow in 2020

With the current pandemic raging throughout the world today, sales revenues of many corporate houses are sliding downhill as well as the economies of many developed countries. It is in this context, social distance maintenance is becoming and will become the order of the day. Business and corporate sectors have to grow as one cannot afford to flatten the economic curve instead of flattening the pandemic curve. Keeping this in mind it will not be an exaggeration if it is rightfully said that web development will throw up an overabundance of possibilities this year.

2020 will see new trends, new possibilities, new technologies in the fields of both web app development services, and mobile app development services. Competent, proficient, and extraordinary web developers both as a team as well as in individual capacities will found astounding success and enrichment of their businesses be it web app development services and mobile app development services.

Top 13 Web Development Company Trends to Follow in 2020:

1.      Online Support and Chat bots

2.       Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

3.       Web Assembly

4.       Responsive web design

5.       Pop up message with websites

6.       Single Page Applications

7.       Static Sites

8.       Motion UI

9.       Accelerated mobile page (AMP)

10.     Voice Search Option

11.     Design Elements

12.     Usages of JavaScript & Python

13.     Elimination of Flash Player

Let’s Some of the web development trends that are expected to come up in 2020 are mentioned and discussed below

1. Online Support and Chatbots

Chatbots are one of the best forms of online support 24x7. It is a software where normal conversations and dialogues can be processed and integrated when people converse through apps, websites, and devices. Chatbots can address normal queries, guiding people, and giving general information.

Lesser number of customer service professionals will be required to address customer complaints. That will be possible because of natural language processing and machine learning. Quite expectantly by 2021, 15%, and by 2022, 70% of customer queries will be handled by AI.


2. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

 A remarkable development in the offing, PWAs will change the very face of Mobile app development services shortly. It is a web app which will tend to provide app-like experience. It gives a combo feeling of both a website as if it is a mobile app. The app is trendy, safe, and linkable and gives an app-like experience.

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3. Web Assembly

Being a portable binary instruction format, Web Assembly, more popularly called Wasm has been designed by the World Wide Web Consortium [W3C]. It is fast m efficient and can be safely used. Along with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it is the fourth language on the web browser.


4. Responsive Web Design

Another important development will be the RWD or Responsive Web Design. A similar site will virtually look the same whether it is seen on a mobile, desktop, or laptop.

5. Pop up message with websites

A pop-up message is very useful for faster and specific transmission of matters of interest be it connected to business, law, and order, weather reports, stocks, and share reports road and traffic conditions, etc.


6. Single Page Applications (SPA)

Also closed SPAs it is a single page matter wherein the contents get automatically uploaded with no interruption. It is very useful for the reader to read matters with ease. Two common examples are Facebook and Gmail pages. Faster loading and simplicity are the two main features of SPAs. The concept is very apt for web app development services.


7. Static sites

 Static sites can be loaded effortlessly and can be coded utilizing HTML. This concept should fast catch up keeping in view the cost-effectiveness and economization of the same.


8. Motion UI

Motion User Interface, as it is popularly called, is one of the best tools that the web development services can expect to use to give a brilliant user experience. It will surely increase the client activities with the website and apps. One can be inventive by including shapes, illustrations, videos, 3D, texts, photos, and line drawings. MUI gives the users an unforgettable experience leaving a positive impact in the mind.


9. Accelerated mobile page ( AMP)

As the name suggests amply, it is a boom for the mobile app development services as it considerably augments the performance of mobile web as usages of the website through mobile increases. The number of domains using AMP has increased by leaps and bounds for the last two years.


10. Voice search options

Already in vogue, Siri from Apple, Cortona from Microsoft, Google Assistant, Alexa from Amazon have introduced this concept. The user will speak out the required link in the device to generate the result. Speech recognition of the user is very important as well as the word accuracy so that the correct and specific results are delivered. It Is expected that by the end of this year at least 50% of the total searches through the net will be done by voice search only.

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11. Design elements

 Better design elements with aesthetically better propositions will become the order of the day.


12. Usages of Javascript and Python

Javascript has been consistently used as the most commonly used programming language. Python is fast coming up as the new popular programming language. Both languages are being used extensively by the mobile app development services. Whilst javascript is popular because of its fast pace, easy to learn, compatibility with other languages,   easier implementation, and wider usages in apps, Python is very user friendly and easy to learn.


13 Elimination of Flash Player

Flash players will also be out of circulation and in all probability will not be refreshed after this year. This was confirmed by Adobe.


The trends that are discussed above are expected to bring in a positive change in web development services. The apps and the website will surely bring in enlightened and better services in the web development industry, which in turn will enhance the business revenue in the corporate sector.