VBScript Vs JavaScript: What is the difference between them?

JavaScript VS VBScript

VBScript, which was introduced in 1995, is actually supported by Microsoft. The usage of VBScript is quite limited to Excel and has more common attributes. It isn’t case sensitive and one has to write the statements in individual rows. A couple of statements will be required in the language so as to make a variable. On the other hand, JavaScript isn’t case sensitive and happens to be more generic in usage.

It is easy to create a variable and only one statement will be required for doing so. It is simpler to make use of JavaScript and semicolons separate every single statement. As compared to VBScript, JavaScript is more complicated as acknowledged by almost any JavaScript development company out there. Several language operators are used by both of these languages.

What do you mean by JavaScript?

JavaScript can be defined as a scripting language that is object-oriented. You will be able to create HTML pages with the help of JavaScript within a webpage with interactive effects. It was possible to access JavaScript in the browser until its JavaScript engine was released by Google Chrome as “node.js”. It will be possible to process as well as maintain information within the browser using JavaScript.

Node.js which enables frontend developers to take care of application programming interface and backend logic programming interface without any need to learn a new language will allow us to make use of JavaScript across full-stack development. JavaScript had been introduced in the year 1995 after it had been created at Netscape by Brendan Eich. It happens to be an integrated programming language and runs only on a web-browser. JavaScript enables client-side scripts to regulate the browsers, communicate with the users, an also modify the content of the web page that is being displayed.

What do you mean by VBScript?

VBScript happens to be a scripting language that has been created by Microsoft. It is likewise referred to as an active scripting language. VBScript is actually based on visual basic and happens to be a lightweight scripting language having a fast interpreter. Only the Internet Explorer browser supports VBScript and it is primarily utilized in visual basic language products as well as Microsoft environments.

VBScript is going to be installed in every single window desktop version by default. It is possible to execute VBScript by means of windows script host and one can embed it by means of Microsoft script control. A common object model is used by VBScript for accessing environment variables and happens to be a general scripting language. System administrators mostly use VBScript and it is not a difficult scripting language to master.

Main differences between VBScript and JavaScript




Client-Side Scripting Language

Client-Side as well as Server-Side Scripting language

Syntax is similar to C Programming Language

Syntax is similar to Visual Basic

Default Scripting language

Not a Default Scripting Language

Object-Oriented Scripting Language

Partially Object- Oriented Scripting Language

Case Sensitive

Not Case Sensitive

More Complex

Less Complex

It’s more powerful than VBScript

It’s less powerful than JavaScript

Cross-platform support from all popular browsers

Support MS IE only


It is a fact that both languages are quite popular at present in the market. Let us talk about some of the main differences between the two.

1. JavaScript does not support subroutines and inheritance concept, and therefore, it cannot be considered to be a genuine scripting language which is object-oriented. However, JavaScript development services do support the use of an object.

On the contrary, VBScript does not support object usage, inheritance, and class usage; however, subroutines and reusable functions are supported by it. As a result, it is likewise not a genuine scripting language that is object-oriented.

2. For the majority of the browsers, JavaScript happens to be the default scripting language. On the other hand, VBScript cannot be considered to be a scripting language by default and it has to be mentioned as a scripting language.

3. JavaScript happens to be a scripting language which is case-sensitive; however, VBScript cannot be considered to be a case-sensitive scripting language.

4. There is a lot of similarity between the JavaScript syntax and the C programming language. On the contrary, the syntax of VBScript is identical to that of Visual Basic.

5. While JavaScript can be used as a client-side scripting language, it is possible to use VBScript as a client-side as well as server-side scripting language.

6. The identical operator is used by JavaScript for various operations while VBScript makes use of different operators.


Hopefully, you have been able to comprehend the key differences between VBScript and JavaScript from the above-mentioned article. Both these scripting languages have their own benefits and drawbacks, and it is up to you regarding which one to use. However, it appears that JavaScript is the better of the two.