How to develop a GPS App for Android and iOS?

GPS App Development in Android & iOS

At present, GPS navigation apps have turned out to be an integral part of the goods carriers, cab drivers, and other individuals. This particular technology is developing quite rapidly, and it is impossible to envisage our lives sans these excellent navigation apps.

One perfect example of these types of apps is Uber, which existed for Android as well as iOS users out there. A lot of drivers were able to take advantage of Uber thanks to an option known as “Uber Pool,” which provided them with a chance to come across other commuters traveling in the identical route, thus supplying them to generate more revenues.

This particular article will help you to understand the process of developing navigation apps by making use of GPS technology, which will help to make life easier for the users out there.

What are the prospects of developing a mobile application using GPS?

As per one particular survey, GPS app development happens to be amongst the fastest-developing niches in the present market of mobile apps. Individuals tend to spend more than 50% of their time on GPS apps for coming across new destinations, any nearby event, and so on.

GPS App Development in Android & iOS

What is the cost of developing a GPS navigation app?

The cost of developing a GPS navigation app is going to depend significantly on the tools and features which are involved in the development process.

The fundamental features of a GPS navigation app happen to be:

Authorization – It is significant to provide the user with registration features in socialized apps such as Uber, which will allow the user to write a comment regarding the ride, save the trip info, monitor the previous rides, chat with some other users, and so on.

Geolocation – This happens to be amongst the primary features that have to be developed while creating GPS apps for navigation. With this feature, the device location becomes traceable. This technology is going to receive info regarding the location, by making use of satellites.

Voice directions – It will be possible for the drivers using this app to focus on driving without looking at the map at all times thanks to the Google Maps Directions API, which helps to produce a real humanlike voice for giving step-by-step instructions for the roads across the globe.

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iOS- How to develop a GPS app?

For building an iOS app, it is imperative to have an iMac or MacBook along with Software Development Kit as well as the most recent XCode version installed in which both consist of different compilers, frameworks, and tools. One will gain access to SDK and Xcode at the app store.

Take into consideration the following. 

The most recent iOS, as well as Mac OS Apps, are being developed in the Swift programming language while Xcode happens to be the IDE used.

The MapKit framework of Apple is being used for implementing and integrating GPS geolocation into the indigenous iOS navigation apps.

Make use of ArcGIS Runtime Software Development Kit for implementing maps into the application of yours, which provides access to customized Apple maps which happen to be off-the-grid.

It is imperative to include several useful features, such as depicting the nearest establishments and gas stations.

Synchronizing the application of yours with different social networking websites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will be a fantastic feature for making authorization simpler and quicker, and thus, it helps to enhance the association between the communities of the drivers.

Android- How can you work on developing GPS app?

It is a fact that Android has become extremely popular across the world by incrementing the number of users, unlike iOS. The primary reason for Android to be at the forefront of the race is a fact that the devices are flexible to use and are available at affordable rates. The SDKs, APIs, and the program code happens to be open-source and they can be used by anybody for developing their plug-ins. 

For this reason, a large number of Android uses have been able to develop a huge market for GPS apps for Android. This particular point must be taken care of while designing a mobile app. 

The subsequent factors must be taken into consideration for developing a GPS app for Android.

The Android applications are usually written in Kotlin and Java languages that function on Java Virtual Machine.

IntelliJ IDEA is a preferred integrated development environment, which can be put to use.

It is a fact that Google Maps Services API happens to be accurate as well as fast, and therefore, it is employed for integrating and implementing GPS geolocation into the Android navigation apps.

In case the driver is heading out in the incorrect direction, the app needs to modify the route. This particular feature is extremely beneficial.

One more feature present in Android happens to be the inbuilt voice search feature which allows the user to prompt the desirable destinations, and thus, the app will be able to perform the search effectively and automatically.

Google Local and Google Contacts happen to be the beneficial features that provide the users with essential information regarding previous visits as well as nearby locations.

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Rlogical Techsoft is well known for developing GPS apps

Rlogical Techsoft happens to be a well-known technology leader who is known to work closely with a lot of customers for transforming their concepts into engaging applications. They can boast of providing their customers with a flawless blend of ability, flexibility, as well as scalability. 

Their employees are updated with the most recent technologies out there. This company is specialized in iOS, Android, as well as IoT application development. When it comes to the development of GPS apps, Rlogical Techsoft is second to none.


After going through this above-mentioned article, you must have got some fundamental knowledge regarding how to develop GPS apps in iOS and Android platforms. However, one cannot deny the fact that developing these types of applications requires comprehensive research, as well as expert skills, given that it is a complicated process. Quite a few ideas can be implemented into these types of applications for enhancing the functionality and also making them user-friendly.

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